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About Me

Hello.  I’m Sarah Wareham, and I’m a planner working up in the North of England.

This is a space for me to write about planning, advertising, cupcakes… and maybe a bit about other things that I find interesting as well.  These are all my own views / random musings, not the thoughts of my employer or clients.

Thank you for reading, I hope you find it interesting – and if there’s anything that you’d like to talk about about just comment or drop me a line at

And because people often ask… this blog is called Desert Landscapes because of a quote from Quine’s essay titled ‘On What There Is’ which stuck in my mind after three years of studying philosophy.

“[An] overpopulated universe is in many ways unlovely. It offends the aesthetic sense of us who have a taste for desert landscapes.”

Someone a lot cleverer than me once told me that the job of a planner is to make things simple, and this blog is how I’m trying to get there.

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