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Little things – big difference

April 12, 2013

I’m starting to get that flurry of ‘birthday’ related marketing emails through at the moment (on a separate note, if they know my date of birth, why does this start a month before and finish a month after? Surely they can target better than this?)

But this is the best so far.

I’m a semi-regular customer at Space NK. I probably don’t fit their normal customer profile – it just happens to be one of the few places that stocks REN (the only moisturiser I’ve ever found that doesn’t make my skin go red, flaky, and puffer-fish-esque).

I’ve signed up to their loyalty card; the N.dulge scheme.

Of all the schemes I’ve ever signed up to, this is the best for me.  And not because of the rewards – because of the CRM plan that underpins it.

Not only do I get genuinely interesting emails from them, infrequently enough to make them special. They’ve also sent me a birthday present.

Not a discount, or a reminder about why I need stuff from them – but a genuine birthday present.

A freebie.  And a choice of freebie (not the one thing they are being paid to promote that month).


(Incidentally, nice simple e-mail design as well)

All I have to do is pop into my local store (which is a 5 min stroll through the park) and pick it up. And if I can’t be bothered to do that, they’ll deliver.

What a lovely piece of CRM.  Especially as I know I’m not a good customer for them.  This is a piece of activity that really encourages loyalty, and it’s the sort of thing other retail customers should probably take note of, because it doesn’t take a genius to see what’s going to happen when I’m in store to pick up the gift…

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