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On knowing your audience

September 11, 2012

I may just be late to the party, but I’ve just found the wonder that is

It’s a really interesting site.  (Completely aside from the fact that I’ve just realised I could spend way too much time and money here).

It’s interesting because the reason that the brand exists is perfectly clear:

“Two years ago, I realised that home cooks are becoming more ambitious – but supply is not keeping up with demand. I realised this because I was a frustrated home cook myself. […] The problem is that lots of these ingredients are only sold in bulk sizes. And even the keenest of home cooks might struggle to get through a kilogram of tartaric acid. So we have repackaged some of these ingredients into manageable sizes, so you can try something new without having to cram your pantry with barrels and boxes.” [Nicola Lando, Founder – Sous Chef] 

I love how this reason for existing has influenced the whole product offering – not just in terms of the individual items, but also how they organise them on the site; they are tailoring the product offering in a way that they know will appeal to the audience they want to attract.

For example Ottolenghi is famous for including esoteric and hard to track down ingredients – so they’ve put together a set tailored to his new book:

 (Ottolenghi Jerusalem Ingredient set – found here if anyone wants it!)

 More brands should think this carefully about what they are offering, and how they can tailor products best for the people who need / want them.

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