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Bandwagon Jumping

May 16, 2012

Something that I’ve been thinking about a lot recently is how the events that are happening in the UK this year are shaping brand’s dialogue.  It seems like you can’t move for some reference to Britishness, the Olympics, or the Jubilee happening – and some are a lot more appropriate than others.

One thing that I am sure I’ve seen people write about [sorry, can’t remember who exactly – really not trying to plagiarise!] was how often the work that isn’t from a sponsor is funnier and more relevant – like the work around the World Cup 2012 from Kulula and the frankly brilliant ambush ad from Nike.

Most of the time the work from official sponsors seems to be a bit more pedestrian – and a bit more like the link to the event is shoehorned in at the last-minute.

However, last night I saw an ad from an official sponsor (P&G) that I thought was really well done.

And to top it all, it’s from a washing powder as well.

They’ve taken a product that a) feels a little irrelevant to the event and b) tends to have quite boring advertising anyway, and found a way to make it relevant and emotive, while still stressing the same product benefit that they’ve been talking about forever.

It might seem like a strange ad to focus on, but here’s to Ariel and their ‘Our Country’s Colours’ campaign. They should shout about it more than they appear to be doing.

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