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Design, glorious design!

November 11, 2011

On Wednesday I had half an hour to kill in a Sainsbury’s before a client meeting.

It was nice for a change to be just be looking around, as it’s not really my usual mentality in a supermarket.  (Mostly I’m shopping in situations which aren’t really conducive to speculative browsing – on a lunchtime, or on my way home from work, or the dreaded Saturday morning shop when every other person in the whole wide world has had the same idea as you).

And I spotted these:

(Picture creds go to Design Week)

Actually, to be more specific I just spotted the Turkish Almond one, because all the others were completely sold out.

It got me thinking.

Dip is a category that seems to be completely dominated by own label.  I’m not sure I could name another brand that’s operating in this aisle.  But the branded strategy seems to be working for Glorious – judging from the lack of product on the shelf.

While the flavours are more exotic than the standard ones that you normally see, the key thing that’s probably helping Glorious here is the design.  This really stands out on the shelf.

But it goes past that as well.  This is a product that appears to have really thought about the customer and how they are using the product.  Dip is something that is designed to be shared.  It helps that these look a lot classier than your average dip… you wouldn’t need to decant them if you had people round – and people would know what flavour it is too.

It reminded me just how much I love Glorious’s packaging in general because it turns around the category conventions; rather than being about the ingredients they are about the adventurous flavours and exotic tastes – so there’s no disconnect when they move into different aisles. Soups, sauces, dips – it doesn’t feel too much like a stretch.

I love the illuminated letters on the packs as well – very striking, and an ingenious way to get across the culture without being cliched.

(Picture Creds go to the fdin)

The Turkish Almond dip was yummy as well.  Two enthusiastic thumbs up!

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