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Beyond cupcakes…

September 30, 2011

Recently my guilty pleasure on TV has been the Great British Bakeoff. 

The main problem with it is that it’s on 8pm. And by the time it’s finished all I want to do is make things. Normally things that involve lots of butter, sugar and cream.

It has inspired me out of my cupcake rut though – experimenting with new things and different techniques.

Like for these chocolate macarons:

Complicated, and time-consuming (lots of resting time and not enough baking trays!) but alright for a first try.

Top tip:  When you are making Italian meringue ignore anything you’ve seen about baking the sugar in the oven (the first time Ottolenghi has failed me).  Instead heat it with a little bit of water until it hits 115 degrees c. then beat like mad for at least 5 minutes when you add it to the egg white.

I think I might be hooked.  Now I just need to find paste food colouring! Hurrah!

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