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When recruitment works

June 2, 2011

Today I attended a co-creation workshop.

We needed to get the client (who isn’t used to thinking about the end user) to really think about what their consumers need and want.

So, we had a group of them in the session with us.

And it was brilliant. I was worried that it was going to make the workshop harder.  That they would be intimidated by the number of client-type people in there.

I was very pleasantly surprised.  The thing that I found really brilliant was how prepared they were to get involved. To talk. To suggest things. To evaluate ideas. To come up with new ideas.

I think the reason it worked so well was that they were all recruited on pretty strict criteria. Early adopters, and ones with high levels of creativity and teamwork as well.

I’ve worked on a few projects recently when the recruitment for research has been a bit suspect to say the least.  It’s a bad sign when you are sat there wondering why on earth these people are in the room, when they clearly have no interest in the products – and flat out wouldn’t buy into it even if they did.

It’s horrible when that happens, and you have no control over it, and you can see it skew the findings.

So it was lovely to see recruitment work so well for a change.  The people at the workshop were perfect, and it really helped the client to buy into the whole project.

Plus I learned some awesome new techniques.

Nice to have such a positive day!

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  1. June 3, 2011 8:12 pm

    I do something similar called Customer Closeness Workshops. They’re great for fine tuning hypothesises or propositions after you’ve done a first wave of ‘proper’ qual 🙂

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