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Home sweet home

May 10, 2011

After a three week hiatus I’m back.  Hurrah!

 This was mostly caused by me being in Australia and terrified of using my phone due to a suspiciously worded text from O2 telling me that they wouldn’t charge me more than £40 for data roaming on this bill (begging the question about how much they could charge me on other bills …. but maybe I just have a suspicious mind)

 One of the things I found really interesting while I was there was just how passionate about where they live most people were.

 Every time I met new people it was like they were members of the ‘Move to Australia Propaganda Squad’.  

 Flat out proselytizing that I’ve never seen in any other country that I’ve been to. 

 That sort of passionate belief that where they live is the best place in the whole world just doesn’t seem to happen here.

 I’m not sure if that is more to do with how the British are as people; more reserved / cautious / less open / less willing to be vocal about the things that they love.

 Or whether because we are an older country there isn’t that same feeling of choosing to belong to the nation that seems to happen among Australians.

 Despite their best efforts to convert me it is nice to be back though.  There’s no place like home.

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