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More cupcake geekery…

April 5, 2011

These were an experiment (for a birthday at work)

Damp almond cake is beautiful.  Really rich and moist without being sickly, and an unusual flavour when you’re a bit bored of vanilla.  It’s super simple to make as well – cream together butter and sugar.  Add three eggs that have been lightly whisked.  Then fold in (very gently, there’s no raising agent so you need all the air you can get) 3.5 oz of ground almonds and 1.5 oz of plain flour.  It makes about 8/9 cupcakes, and takes about 25 mins at 160 c.

The problem is that it tastes rubbish with icing on top of it.  If it was a full cake I’d dust with icing sugar and serve with raspberries, but that looks a bit rubbish on cupcakes.  So I experimented with a crunchy almond topping (stolen from a pie recipe I have), with this result:

Still worried that this doesn’t look very attractive though… does anyone have any ideas?

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