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On evaluating design work

March 22, 2011

This is not something that I have to do often.

Certainly not as often as working with the creative teams on communications pieces.

And it’s something that I’m wrestling with at the moment.

It’s easier with comms / advertising to work with the creative team to find a route that will communicate a core truth, or the message that needs to come across – mostly because I understand what will appeal to the relevant person, and what will motivate them.

Plus, it’s easier when there is a brand. Something that can be carried across in terms of positioning – that dictates a certain look, feel, or tone of voice.

I’m finding this harder with branding design.

In fact, it feels a little bit like I’m banging my head against a wall because there isn’t anything I can use to hang this objectivity on; to justify why I believe it won’t work with the target audience.

Normally because what I’m trying to say is based on gut instinct and feel for who it needs to appeal to. But I haven’t got the vocabulary / experience to express this in design terms.

And even though there might be a clear positioning, the result can be argued multiple ways. Does it meet the brief. Doesn’t it meet the brief.

It all ends up sounding very subjective and personal, from everyone’s perspective.

And the problem is if it sounds subjective, suddenly I’m no longer a welcome contributor. I’ve become unhelpful. I’m the person who can’t see a good idea and should therefore be ignored. Which makes this even harder to try and get a handle on.

How have other people tackled this? Any tips?!

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