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Is that really the answer?

February 7, 2011

The Co-op ads have been confusing me for a while now.

Ever since I saw the outdoor activity before I’d seen the tv ad that started to make sense of the campaign, it has puzzled me.

I think I understand the insight. I mean, very few people probably enjoy the weekly shop so much that they can’t think of anything better to do with a Saturday morning.

But if that’s the question, is the Co-op really the answer?

It doesn’t so much say “shop at the Co-op to avoid the weekly shop” as it says “shop online to avoid the weekly shop”

Which might be an issue in messaging – as I’m not sure that was really what they were aiming for…

There are two Co-ops in the village I live in. One is reasonably big, but neither is really even top-up shop sized. You struggle most evenings finding even the basic constituents of a meal.

I find it hard to believe this can replace the big five.

I find this new direction confusing.

Ethical I understood better. But this feels like an attack on the big five, without a real positioning to allow the brand to deliver.

But maybe that is just me…

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